Do You Want to Attract More Local Clients and Give Your Practice a Boost?

Our Powerful Ready-for-You System Connects You With More Clients, Strengthens Their Loyalty, and Steadily Grows Your Practice
...All While Overcoming the 3 Most Common Obstacles That Hold You Back

We are Extremely Proud to Present:

The Client Connect Engine

Do You Want to Attract More Local Clients and Give Your Practice a Boost?

...All While Avoiding the 3 Most Common (But Fatal!) Mistakes
that Force Clients to Choose Your Competition Instead

We are extremely Proud to Present:

The Massage Therapy Client Engine

Phone books are out.  These days a quick Internet search connects us to every possible service we need.

That’s why business owners agree - you simply cannot survive in 2020 without an online presence. Without it, customers would never know you exist! 

But this is where some obstacles begin...

In an effort to have some kind of online presence, many practices are held back by the idea that “something is better than nothing.” Oftentimes, they don't realize the effect that a digital image has on potential clients. 

Despite best intentions, many practices are actually hurting their bottom line. 
There are 3 OBSTACLES that are holding you back that could Influence Potential clients to Choose Your Competitor Over You...
Obstacle #1
An Outdated Or Poorly Designed Website
Customers are searching for businesses on Google, and if they find a website that’s difficult to navigate or looks like it hasn’t been updated in years they will take their business elsewhere. 
The Impact on Your Clients:
You work hard to have your clients feeling comfortable walking in to a clean and orderly office and take pride in the interaction you have with them on the phone and in person. The same should go for your online presence! A well designed and action-based website will solidify your professionalism and will influence customers with great quality service. 
Obstacle #2:
A Facebook Page that Doesn't Provide Value or Isn’t Updated at All
Many Facebook business pages fall into 1 of 3 categories: they’re non-existent, they’re rarely updated (if at all), or the content has poor quality or is not providing the right value.
The Impact on Your Clients:
Facebook is a powerful tool in attracting new and repeat clients. According to an article by Forbes, 78% of consumer buying decisions are influenced by a company’s Facebook page. If your page offers no content or content without the right customer value, the impact will quickly work against you. With the right content, clients will be left with the best impression of your organized and well-managed practice. 
Obstacle #3:
Failing To Keep Current Clients Engaged
Just because a client has walked through the door once, it is not guaranteed that they'll return. Many practices often don't know to take advantage of key digital resources that will maintain their client relationships and strengthen customer loyalty.
The Impact on Your Clients:
Your goal is to always strive to maintain your relevance so clients will remember why they fell in love with you in the first place! Staying in contact makes clients feel appreciated and remembered. This makes it much easier for clients to reach out to you when needed and keep them coming back to you. 
How Does Our Digital Client connect Engine Protect Your practice from being held back by these obstacles?
We’ve zeroed in on a specialized strategy with two very specific goals: attracting a continuous string of new clients to your practice, and keeping them happy, engaged and ready to return to you when needed!

This is How our Digital Client Connect Engine Upgrades Your Marketing for Ongoing Growth:

Upgrade #1
Our Engine Transforms Your Website into
a High-Performance Client Magnet.
There’s a lot of fluff that goes into generic website design. We’ve removed the distractions and designed a highly effective template that is action driven and produces results. Our focus on key elements reels in prospective clients and prompts them to book with you.
Upgrade #2
Our Engine Creates Stand-Out,
Daily Facebook Brand Experiences
that Attract Prospects and Engage
Your Current Clients.
We’ve created a simple, yet incredibly effective Facebook strategy that will create a lasting impression. Potential clients will be impressed by your professional appearance and current clients will stay intrigued by your thoughtful content. 
Upgrade #3
Our Engine actively Strengthens Client Loyalty and Encourages them to Come Back More Often via Automated,
Monthly Reachout Campaigns.
We employ a strategic approach that is simple, but powerful. It maintains your relevance to current clients and influences them to continue working with you while strengthening their loyalty.  All while preventing your clients from becoming easily stolen targets by your competition. 
Upgrade #4
Our Engine Frees You and Your Staff from Unnecessary Distractions so You Can
focus on what You do best...
(serving Your Clients)
There are a lot of components to running your practice smoothly, and it requires the full attention of you and your trained staff. We remove all unnecessary distractions so that you can focus on providing top quality service to your clientele.

When it Comes to Connecting Local Businesses with
a Steady Stream of Clients, We’ve Got it Down to a Science

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Growing your Practice Online the Right Way.
How Can You Be Sure that our Digital client CONNECT Engine is the Right Fit for Your Practice?
There is no shortage of digital marketing services available to you. Choosing the right fit for your practice is 
important to your continuous success.

Here’s Why You’ll Love Working With Us:

Promise #1
Every day we take steps to Build and Protect The Digital Image of your Practice. Ensuring that it Doesn't Work Against You.
Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your online brand is fully protected and always working in your favor. Most importantly, you can feel confident that your digital presence is actively contributing to the growth of your practice.
Promise #2
You’ll Enjoy a Fully Hands-Off Approach
to Growing Your Practice
And Attracting New Clients.
We remove you and your staff from the equation. This frees up your precious time to focus on taking great care of your clients, while allowing your staff to complete their tasks efficiently and effectively. 
Promise #3
We’ve Stripped Away the “Fluff” to Offer
Affordable Packages that Produce Results.
As a local business, you don’t need the fancy digital services of a big-time corporation. You shouldn’t have to pay huge corporate prices either. You’ll never pay for unnecessary efforts because we focus on providing exactly what you need to deliver results.

Most of All, You’ll Love Working with Us Because
We Get the Results Your Practice Deserves

Frequently Asked Questions:
How does  the Client Connect Engine work?
In short... we have an amazing team that is dedicated to making your practice look amazing every single day. Instead of taking time out of your day to manage your website, Facebook page, and existing customer marketing... we do it for you. All you have to do is sign up and our team will walk you through everything that is going to happen daily to market your practice online. You simply approve the key elements and we get to work. 

You are about to be free of all the Digital Marketing work and your practice is going to start growing daily because of the work we do for you.
What if I want to Cancel?
That's not a problem. 
Unlike a lot of Digital Marketing Agencies you might have run into, we don't have any need to lock you into a long contract. Our clients are in full control of their service. That (and the fact that the Engine works so well) is why our clients never want to leave our service. It works and it makes their lives easier (without needing to lock them down into a contract).
What if I have questions before I sign up?
If there is something that this page didn't already answer for you, just schedule a quick call with our team. We're here to answer any questions you have. 
Can I still post on my Facebook page?
Of course!
You're still in full control of all the assets of your practice. Our service runs in the background and makes sure that you never feel like you have to posts on your page again. That said... you may have something that you want to post... and you can do that anytime (the same way that you always have) without interrupting anything that we're doing for you.
How does the email marketing part of The Client Connect Engine work?
Every single month, we send out a highly relevant email to your existing clients. This email will remind them that you're still around and that they should come in and do more business with you. It's a powerful way to get new business through the door every single month (without you having to do anything extra for it to happen... we'll take care of it for you).
What happens when I sign up?
Within a couple of days from the time you sign up, you'll be contacted by an on-boarding specialist from our company. They'll walk you through what we need to get from you to do our job and answer any questions you have along the way.

We're here to help make growing your practice easier and it all starts with making sure you have a person at our agency that you can always get a hold of.
Call To Sign Up for the Engine Below 
and Let's Get Started
Growing your Practice Online the Right Way.
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